George Moate Ltd.

- Single Bed Tillerstar


This machine comes in the standard sizes of 1.65m for 72 inch beds or 1.8m for 80 inch beds, but can be custom built to create any bed size.  It requires a minimum 110hp at PTO and is fitted with a 240hp multi speed gearbox and auto reset clutch. It has 4 rows of stars which can be spaced from 23mm to 38 mm, depending on how fine a tilth is required. Standard machines are supplied with bed shapers for potatoes, double flange on rotors, star cleaners and armatech blades.

The following extras are also available:

  • Hydraulic Markers
  • Adjustable Bed Forming Hoods
  • Floating Crumbler Rollers
  • Quick Release Blade System
  • Carbide Blades

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