- Model 134ep - Tractor



The most powerful tractor in company history. The Geotrac 134 ep has a standard output of 133 HP / 98 KW - continuously when performing heavy pulling. During light-duty transport work or when operating in the PTO mode, a maximum output of 144 HP / 106 kW is available. A torque of 560 Nm guarantees enormous pulling force at all times.

Optimum visibility with innovative safety concept
Thanks to the wide safety glass doors, it is easy and comfortable to climb into the panorama comfort cab. LED-based cab lighting guarantees safe access to the cab in the dark. Maximum visibility has been achieved by pushing the B-pillar as far back as possible. The design of the cab has been strongly influenced by the optimal visibility offered by a helicopter. The wide-opening rear window, adjustable side windows and the 3-speed fresh-air blower guarantee a pleasant working environment. Automatic climate control assures a comfortable room temperature. The filter housing on the cab roof is easily accessed with the aid of the rear hydraulics.

Unobstructed visibility
The innovative high-visibly front-end loader windscreen provides a wide field of vision for front-end loader operations. Unobstructed visibility from the ground to the maximum lift height. A sunshield integrated into the roof shell protects against direct sunlight. The sliding sunshield can also be used to cover the high-visibility window completely. The new panorama rearview mirrors with wide-angle field of view are electrically adjustable and have heaters in both sections of the mirror. The image from the rearview camera is displayed on the IBC inside mirror. Up to 2 heated infrared rearview or side cameras that display on the IBC monitor are available for use by pros in challenging situations.
Comfort and safety
The high-visibility windows are sealed especially carefully to prevent engine noise from entering the cab. When the windows are frosted over in the winter, the standard windscreen heater ensures unobstructed visibility in seconds. In addition, it provides pleasant radiant heat from the front. The standard ultra-bushed bearings and the hydro-mechanical cab suspension ensure driver comfort. Pneumatic cab suspension that guarantees ideal driver comfort during long work days is optionally available in conjunction with the compressed-air system. A particularly innovative safety concept has been implemented for the cab. The passenger cell is designed as a ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure). With this high safety standard, the driver is protected both if the tractor rolls over on a slope and from falling objects, for instance, during use in forestry work. In addition, the entire front glazing is made of LSG (Laminated Safety Glass) in order to protect against objects breaking through from

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