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- Tree Root Protection

Prevents traffic compression damage to tree-root systems by distributing the load laterally, rather than vertically. Most of a tree's root system is contained within the top three feet of the surface and construction excavation and compaction can damage or even destroy roots to the point where trees may not survive.

The Geoweb Tree Root Protection System has been used extensively in civil engineering construction for over 30 years. It is a three-dimensional structure which:

  • provides strength to confined soils
  • reduces sub-base depth requirements
  • distributes loads laterally, not vertically

Manufactured from high quality, high-strength polyethylene with a textured surface and perforated walls, Geoweb cells with selected infill control shearing, lateral and vertical movement and reduce point loads and compaction of the sub-soil.

The Geoweb system is a low impact development solution with exceptional load-bearing capabilities and environmental benefits. The system has a long history of solving heavy load support problems for roadways, road base support, car parks, road shoulders, ports, lorry/intermodal terminals and railways.

Compliance with Standards

In the United Kingdom, Tree Root Protection systems must comply with the Arboricultural Method Statement as outlined in BS5837:2005 and may require supervision by an Arboriculturist.

Load Distribution

By distributing and bridging applied loads, Geoweb reduces vertical stresses that are typically applied to underlying soil and root zone. Geoweb is ideally suited for tree root protection applications where weak sub-soil or no dig restrictions exist.

Load Distribution

With permeable infill (aggregate, topsoil/vegetation, sand), perforated Geoweb cell walls offer environmental benefits including:

  • water infiltration
  • lateral movement of air and water water and nutrient migration
  • promotes root development

The tree root protection system can be a temporary or permanent solution.

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