Gepaval S.L.

- Model GUARDIAN-2 - Butane or Propane Gas


The GUARDIAN-2 models operate with butane or propane gas, allowing them to make loud detonations and thereby protect crops by frightening away birds, wild boar and any other animal that could damage them. These detonations may be regulated to the desired frequency, from every minute to every half-hour, and the loudness of the detonation can also be adjusted thanks to its telescopic cannon, varying from 80 to 120 decibels. The area protected by our scarecrows is three to four hectares depending on the type of crop and the type of land. The system is switched on electronically by means of a piezoelectric motor and the rest of the mechanism is mechanical, guaranteeing reliability and minimising breakdowns or possible problems. The entire unit is completely zinc-coated in order to tolerate all meteorological inclemencies. Our 50 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting these products allow us to offer you maximum quality and maximum efficiency in crop protection.

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