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- Corn Head



Two counter-rotating snapping rolls, each fitted with four knife bars, aggressively pull the corn stalks downward in a controlled motion. This enables the deck plates to strip the corn cob off the plant. The unchopped corn straw remains in the field, protecting the soil from erosion.

Work Results

  • High ground speeds in all harvesting conditions
  • Extremely low power requirements
  • Minimizes stover destruction
  • Suitable for consecutive tillage operations

Stubble scene

  • No corn stubble treatment

Benefit from best-in-class standard specs

At Geringhoff, we provide state-of-the-art technology as factory-fit features. This means your corn head's standard specification will include a host of extra features. The perfect head is the first step toward successful harvesting.

You have the choice of colors

Design your Geringhoff corn head to your preference. Make your choice and select one of the colors shown below at no additional charge! Match your head to your combine's livery or simply choose your personal favorite.

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