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Interface 1: to which our solution is to connect. Interface 2: in which you define in what quantity and time your bulk solids are to be supplied. Your bulk solid properties. The flow-related properties of your material make special demands of the technology. These often first emerge in connection with the relevant procedure steps. From the numerous applications we have realised we are aware of the requirements of many complex bulk solids.

At the INPUT and OUTPUT interfaces the basic parameters are defined by the bulk solid quantity and time. We deduce your buffer volume, discharge capacity, dosing precision, conveying capacity requirements etc. exclusively from these basic parameters.

The Bulk Solids Logistics Plant connects up your interfaces.
The flow-related characteristics of your bulk solid in connection with procedure step and environmental influences (temperature, moisture, dwell time...) are thereby taken into account.

The decisive advantage of a Bulk Solids Logistics Plant for you is the guaranteed overall function at interface 2. You have your bulk solid available at your processes via a user-friendly operating interface with individual display.

Bulk Solids Logistics Plants
convince through high reliability and guarantee the overall function that bulk solids are applied in exact time & quantity to defined interfaces.
That is security of investment.

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