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Apart from using the right bulk solid technology a functionally optimised, simple-to-operate plant control system makes a significant contribution to the fulfilment of the task definition. See also general requirements of a control system from a technological point of view. Our experienced programmers know the important correlations between the mechanical and electronic components. Design limits, loads and the process-related sequence in general are therefore – unlike with pure control services - correspondingly taken into account.


From the components through to complex systems we offer you technically mature, simple-to-operate control systems including process visualisation.

  • Process control
  • Recipe control
  • PLC control

 by Geroldinger simplify monitoring and documentation of rational plant operation.
The user interface
 The visualisation of the control system on a PC is taken care of by the management system developed by us.
The clearly laid out visualisation simplifies monitoring of your processes for you. It is based on Visual Basic and can be adapted to your wishes right down to details. With ready-made systems this adaptability & flexibility is difficult to impossible to achieve. The software is based on Windows technology with mouse operation.
For simply control tasks and on-site operation we use Siemens PLC control systems.

Process data recording batch logging process optimisation, fault analysis
Our control systems also offer you the possibility of evaluating the process data in external programs (eg Excel).


We mainly use simple regulators in our control systems which are fine-tuned to specific bulk solids technology tasks. Unlike standard control loop blocks, which are developed for general tasks, these are very fast and permit shorter cycle times. The adaptation of the cycle time is of central importance for a precisely functioning control system. Due to our knowledge of process technology we are more than able to implement this adaptation. The control concept saves time and money. The use of standardised function models developed by us makes our control systems cost-effective and simple to extend. Your control system can be adapted to changed tasks simply by changing single parameters.


which takes individual bulk solid characteristics into account. The characteristics of your bulk solids are analysed by Geroldinger and the necessary control parameters individually defined and implemented.
Your control system can also be adapted to future bulk solids. Just the parameters and not the code need to be changed for this. Problem-free integration into existing systems is possible
Avoid stand-alone solutions
Our control systems offer you open communication functionality for data exchange with other control systems (of any brand). The adjacent interfaces are fully taken into account in order not to disturb the overall operation of your system!
Remote maintenance
If there is an emergency we can help immediately via the (optional) modem connection to your control system!
Complete solution
from one source. Avoiding an additional interface between the system builder and the control system technician guarantees optimum interaction of the hardware (=components) used with the control system and creates clear responsibility!

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