- Model Jolly 2500 - Wild Harvesting Machine



The 2500 wild harvesting machine is a machine to be installed on all types of tractors for harvesting of hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, olives, almonds, coffee, I did not understand, and all the fruit on the ground.

Unlike traditional suction machines, La Jolla picking fruit on the ground in a mechanical way, via a front brush, a solution that drastically reduces fuel consumption as it works at low rpm (1200-1300) el 'dustiness in air.

With only 15 kw of power the machine can collect them or 15/20 per hour, with the 'use of a single person. She went to medium and large extensions dimensions.

The machine can be connected to three on attachment points front and rear of any tractor and the 'motion' may be given by both the PTO at 540 rpm, 1000 rpm, and through a hydraulic system consisting of tank , oil pump, radiator and multiplier.

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