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The drive-on batch grain dryer is very popular in Scotland, and a number of GFT Tray Driers have been installed and successfully operated throughout Aberdeenshire, and also more recently in the south west of Scotland.

In many cases, two tray driers are constructed for a continuous drying process. And with the GFT Floor, the main air duct may be located either at the side, centre or at the rear of the drying trays.

For new installations, the method of construction of the GFT Floor is more cost-effective than the traditional tray drier, as less excavation work is required and in most cases there is no need for a concrete sub-floor. Alternatively, the GFT Floor may also be used to replace an existing tray drier utilising the existing main air duct. 

The cereal mesh inserts are positioned at 6” (152mm) centres to improve the drying performance of the GFT Floor, as the airflow rate per tonne is 10 times the amount used in traditional bulk grain drying stores, extracting about 1% moisture per hour.

The GFT Tray Drier offers a more durable on-floor batch drier and many farmers find that the concrete floor has the added benefit of retaining the heat much more efficiently reducing the overall drying time.

With the increased cost of traditional mobile driers, the GFT Tray Drier is a cost-effective alternative for any farmer considering a batch drier.

Guide Pricing Structure for the “GFT Tray / Batch Drier”

You may wish to refer to the cost structure below to obtain a guide price for the “GFT KIT” for your specific Tray / Batch Drier. Alternatively, if you would rather receive a more detailed quotation, please contact GFT for further assistance.

The “GFT KIT” price includes for the hire of the specialist equipment* to cast the GFT Floor System, for the supply of the materials** required, excluding the ready-mixed concrete, and for delivery and collection to sites within the UK Mainland. All prices quoted exclude VAT.

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