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The specific requirements of each grain drying system - such as the speed at which the store will be filled, the storage depth, noise levels and power availability of the site - are considered before recommending the size and type of grain drying fan unit. Grain drying fans may be operated using a basic relative humidity and temperature controller that turns the fans on and off, depending upon the relative humidity and temperature of the ambient air or alternatively, modulating gas burners may be installed with the grain drying fan units.

Grain Drying Equipment

If speed of grain drying is a requirement, or if the site does not have sufficient electricity available, grain stirrers may be installed with the GFT Grain Drying Floor Systems.

If a main air duct is installed suitable for a stirrer system with the GFT Floors, the main air duct is either fixed to the concrete air duct plinth for the GFT Hard Core Floor System, or to the existing concrete floor for the GFT Granary Floor System.

Grain Drying Floors

The GFT grain drying floor systems with the 6” (152mm) diameter void are also suitable for ambient air ventilation systems for potato storage with void lengths of up to 60’-0” (18.29 metres). However, for high temperature onion drying installations, the maximum void length should not exceed 30’-0” (9.14m metres).

In situations where void lengths of up to 40’-0” (12.2 metres) are required, the GFT 8” (203mm) voided drying floor systems are recommended for both high temperature onion drying and refrigerated potato storage.

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