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Model GG-002B - Intelligent Controller


The main controller is powered from AC, with solar power as an option. In the field, the solar powered controller periodically collects data from the moisture sensor and sends the data to the main controller. The main controller analyzes the collected data, wirelessly sends control signals to the solar powered valvecontroller in the field to open or close the magnetic valve. The user sets up the control dry/wet levels, then the system will maintain the soil moisture in the set range. The field controller sends all the field information (Current moisture level, set Dry/Wet control levels, irrigation events, battery level) to the main controller wirelessly, and displays this information.

Main Controller Price:$351.28 (FOB Moorpark)
Solar-C-MSV Price:$201.48 (FOB Moorpark)
Main Characteristics:
  1. Main controller controls up to 40 irrigation zones, 1 wired pump, 3  wireless pumps, and 8 master valves.
  2. One zone with one sensor controls up to 4 valves.  Total control up to 160 valves.        
  3. All field controllers are solar powered .
  4. Bidirectional wireless communication distance between the main controller and controllers in the field is greater than 500 meters in open space.
  5. Only moisture sensor based control, no timer control.
Main controller features:
  1. Display shows in sequence, for each zone:
    1. Control mode for the zone. Either moistue sensor based, or plus forbidden irrigation period.
    2. Current moisture level collected by moisture sensor in the field.
    3. Present dry/wet control levels.
    4. Wireless sensor #, communication status, battery status.
    5. Wireless valve controller #, communication status, battery status, auto/manual, open/close status.
    6. Zone failure notice.
    7. Current water pump#, communications good, battery level, auto/manual, open/close state.
    8. Master valve #, communications good, battery level, auto/manual, open/close state.
  2. Adjust dry/wet moisture control levels for all the irrigation zones.
  3. Set and adjust 7 day forbidden irrigation period for all irrigation zones, with different schedule for each day of a week..
  4. Manually open/close each field valve from the main controller to realize manual remote control, or manually open/closevalves from the field for convenience.
  5. Choose moisture level or moisture level + Forbidden time irrigation control modes for each zone from the maincontroller.
  6. Check previous irrigation events, history of moisture levels and failure notices.
  7. Set up maximum number of valves opened simultaneously to assure adequate water supply.
  8. New field controller can be registered while remote by the main controller.
  9. System contains a clock and calendar.
  10. If irrigating and rain happens at same time, system will automatically close the valve after moisture level reaches the set wet level..
  11. System applies to any soil type to obtain accurate, repeatable irrigation, keeping the soil moisture in the set range.

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