- Model GGB 1200RS - Grader Blade



In keeping with our tradition of listening to our customer's feedback, opinions, and requests, we are pleased to announce the addition of the Garfield Grader Blade to our lineup of Garfield Scrapers. The Grader Blade comes in a 10', 12', 14' and 16' configuration.

  • Adjustable Swivel Hitch and Blade Tilt Indicator are standard on both models
  • 14' and 16' models: Cylinders are: Blade Swing 5x24', Tilt 4x12', and Raise/Lower 4x16'
  • 10' and 12' models: Cylinders are: Blade Swing 4x24', Tilt 3x8', and Raise/Lower 4x12'
  • 14' and 16' models Blade angles 45 degrees left/right and tilts 15 degress side to side
  • 10' and 12' models Blade angles 40 degrees left/right and tilts 15 degress side to side
  • High moldboards and hinged sideplates allow more options for moving dirt
  • Weight Box holds up to 2000lbs

Now available as a Rear Steer Grader!

All Rear Steer Models have a Hydraulic Rear Steer that allows the operator to move the blade 4 feet more to the left or the right side of the tractor hydraulically from the tractor seat.

The Rear Steer feature allows the Rear Steer grader to clean along feedlot fences, buildings,road edges,trees, etc. without having to drive the tractor so close to the objects that you are working near.

The Rear Steer feature gives the Grader the capability to clean out irrigation and drainage ditches that are wet, while keeping the tractor on drier ground.

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