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The improved chipping capacity: up to 300 i-m3 per hour, has been achieved by increasing the engine power and by designing the chipper to its maximum limits. Additionally, pattented “double thrower” speeds up the ejection of the processed woodchips. Consequently, a full truck (127m3) can be loaded very quickly from the back (in less than 1/2 hour). Smooth operation is guaranteed by the powerful throwers, functional crane and performant chipper engine (Cummins, 403 kW) as well as the large diameter feed roll, especially dimensioned for the Giant.

The feeding device and the large feeding table as well as the large drum of 1440mm large with 4 knives enable a maximum input of forest residues. This results in one of the highest chipping truck outputs in the market. The Giant chipper provides good and high-quality, stick-free woodchips: an easily adjustable and replaceable anvil that enables quick adjustment of blade positions and by choosing the desired mesh size for the sieve used.

The upper cabin offers the driver good visibility in all directions. Both the top of the stock pile and the loading space of the truck can be seen from the cabin, which can be raised to the height of up to five metres. Furthermore, cabin comfort has been given special attention. Puting the chipper into operating- or transport mode is also quick and easy.

Almost all clean wood materials are suitable for chipping. The Giant is especially well suited for chipping unprocessed and baled logging residues. Other raw materials include full trees, trimmed stalks, decayed tree parts as well as residues from the sawing industry and other by-products from the mechanical wood processing industry.

The Giant mobile chipper represents the ”state of the art” in chipping technology.

The Giant design goals are clear:

  • the ”highest possible chipping capacity.”
  • the ”highest quality of woodchips.”

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