- Eco-Blaster Biological Control Systems


Eco-Blaster Biological Control Systems High Powered Foreign Material Control Eco-Blaster, Biological Control Systems (BCS) are designed to address foreign material collection where a linear spray had unsuccessfully been applied. The approach is simply applying a moving spray that prevents collection and re-incorporates the material back into solution and/or removes the offending material. Eco-Blaster, BCS are designed using advanced materials such as carbon fiber tubing, optimizing the overall durability and longevity.

Eco-Blaster, BCS is a self propelled rotating foreign material control system. Our patented spray systems perform work in inaccessible locations without the need for additional motors or equipment. By gimballing the nozzles we control the thrust vector, which regulates the rotational speed of the Eco-Blaster, BCS. Speed is regulated to optimize the impingement force of each spray apparatus, therefore, maximizing the amount of spray energy delivered to each surface. As the foreign material is suppressed under the Eco-Blaster, BCS, the surface tension is reduced which allows the surrounding material to automatically flow into the Eco-Blaster, BCS suppression zone. This is possible since Eco-Blaster, BCS imparts random inertia into the foreign material which allows the surrounding material to flow under the Eco-Blaster, BCS inherently.

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