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- Model 320-9 B.L. - Pruning Rake



The Girolivo rake by BORELLO is a specific tool for olive groves. It permtis to form a swath in the centre of the tree row with the brances cut for pruning and makes cleaning easier, especially if you are using a branch cutter.  Girolivo by BORELLO permits to form a swath in a  variable width. The hydraulic side shift obtained with a double-acting cylinder makes entering and leaving the tree rows easier and improves manoeuvering in the grove. The adjustable central dampener absorbs the efforts and make the operator's work easier. The elasticity of spring tines allows to work in any kind of orchard and ground. The gearbox in oil bath is maintenance free. Furthermore Girolivo by BORELLO offers an optional equipment for read circulation. Just remove the rim and the arms and rest them on their supports.

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