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Gisopanel is a range of isolated construction panels, used for the construction of cooling cells, freezing cells and climate cells developed by Geerlofs. The result of innovation and experience of many years. Due to its extraordinary strength, the panel is suited to cover a large distance without the need of an expensive steel construction. Gisopanel is more and more applied in the constructions of complete offices, refrigerated food processing areas and horticulture storage. The panel consists of an isolated core, sandwiched between zinced and coated steel. The environmental friendly Gisopanel has a flame suppressing and fire delaying Polystyrene (EPS) or Polyurethane (PU) core. For extraordinary applications, fire delaying times from 30 to 120 minutes can be achieved by using Perlite and Rockwool. The unique tongue and groove connection of Gisopanel leads to a modular and damp proof construction. A short building time is guaranteed when using Gisopanel.

From building physics to design details
Every detail of the construction is designed by our engineering department.

Depending of the physical demands specific detials will be applied.

  • Possible isolation
  • Edge plate of steel
  • Roof cover
  • U-cover, plate of steel
  • Wall top cover, plate of steel
  • Aluminum edge profile 40x40x2 mm
  • Gisopanel wall panel
    • Gisopanel wall panel for example with Perlite
  • Leak threshold, plate of steel
  • Aluminum ring profile with cold-leak interruption
  • Aluminum sanitary profile
  • Finishing floor
  • Construction foil
  • Steal interruption to avoid temperature leakage
  • Floor isolatione
  • Alu Kraft-paper
  • Floor heating
  • Constructive floor

C Ceiling suspension system

  • Aluminum omega profile
  • Galvanized screw-thread
  • Isolation
  • Gisopanel ceiling panel

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