Model GK150 - Versatile Mulcher


The GK is a strong and versatile mulcher for maintaining wasteland and areas difficult to access. This hydraulic attachment can be mounted on small and medium tracked excavators or excavators with tyres. The GK150 is designed form ROLMEX special for excavator attachment - with hydraulic transmission. The rear hood allows the adjustment of the degree of mulching. With the stong support roller it is possible to adapt to the contours of the ground and to adjust the height of cut.

Hydraulic cutting heads (Flail head)

  • Suitable for excavators from 8000÷25.000 Kg e long reach boom escavators
  • Hydraulic engine bidirectional with external drainage
  • Belt transmission
  • Support roller adjustable in height
  • Internal frame
  • interchangeable wear shoes
  • Chain protection adjustable
  • Cutting tools : 24 rotating hammers for wood Ø max cm 8. The particularity of this solution is the possibility for the hammers to rotate on themselves dampening the effect of strikes on the rotor
  • Oil flow required (at 2 Km/h speed) 90-150 l/min
  • Max oil pressure 220 bar
  • Self levelling kit AM/R available for excavators and skid steer loaders

Dimensions (mm) and Weight

  • Working width 1500
  • Total width 1680
  • Total weight 511kg


  • Controlling valve for flow up to 150 liters with 90 liters priority
  • Controlling valve for flow up to 240 liters with 150 liters priority
  • Peak valve and anti-cavitation
  • Any coupling on demand

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