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- Model 2300 - Sprayers


The Gladiador 2300 Self-propelled Sprayer presents expressive work autonomy, allowing for up to 480 hectares/day to be sprayed with excellent performance on the most varied types of terrains and reliefs, maintaining application stability. It has a 4-cylinder, 153 HP, MWM turbo aftercooler engine, in addition to constant 4x4 hydrostatic transmission on the four wheels. It is equipped with a drive pump with an exclusive pressure adjustment system that, even in situations of high acceleration, controls the flow of oil, preventing pressure peaks in the hoses and rest of the transmission system. Its free span height, from the chassis to the ground, is 1.55 or 1.75 meters (optional), facilitating application on crops at the end of the productive cycle.

It has an active pneumatic suspension system, which keeps it permanently calibrated, thereby ensuring greater adherence and impact absorption in relation to the ground.

Its cabin is large, comfortable and air-conditioned. Access is provided from the front of the machine via steps with electronic-hydraulic operation.

Its booms, 25 or 27 meters long, operate through a mobile frame with lateral pendular floatation in parallel, providing greater stability on any type of land and at the most varied speeds.

The booms include an exclusive hydro-pneumatic shock absorption system that dampens impacts, guaranteeing greater uniformity in applications and durability of the boom frame kit.

The booms are hydraulically activated, with all the commands performed from inside the cabin, and with work heights varying from 0.6 m to 2.2 meters (free span - 1.55 meters) or 0.80 m to 2.4 m (fee span of 1.75 m, optional).

Spraying is divided into 7 sections, with a triple nozzle body spaced at intervals of 35 to 50 cm. It features a centrifugal spray model pump with a capacity of 430 l/min, allowing for expressive flow variations.

The wheelset size adjustment system allows for height variations from 2.7 m to 3.3 m, making it possible to adjust the width of the wheelset to the rows of the planted crops and ensuring greater stability.

The Gladiador 2300 is equipped with the most complete Stara Technology Package, composed of: Topper 4500, the most complete flow controller on the market; SwitchBox, which communicates with the Topper 4500, activating the automatic or manual shutdown of sections; POD Topper 2 WAS, responsible for electro-hydraulic autopilot communication; POD Universal, responsible for sensor readings and control of fixed or variable spraying rates.

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