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- Turkey Feeding Pan



The GLADIATOR Turkey feeding pan is engineered to stand up against the daily rigors of feeding the most aggressive and heavy turkeys. From flock-to-flock, the GLADIATOR pan is made to take a beating, and designed for ease of maintenance and adjustability.


With our uniquely designed Snap’n Lock mechanism, dish drop will be a thing of the past. The snap’n lock system holds the dish securely to the pan body, saving you the time on maintenance and feed costs. Even with the most aggressive birds, our dish will remain locked to the pan, which will save on feed costs as well as maintenance.

The snap’n lock system is as tough as it is easy to use. Just snap the lock to secure the dish to the pan body, and when you need to remove it, just un-snap it and remove the pan.

The industrial strength plastic material and durable construction make the GLADIATOR a very long lasting feeding pan. The GLADIATOR is made of industrial strength plastic to withstand the daily rigors of feeding the most aggressive and large turkeys, and it won’t rust or corrode like metal would, which provides you a pan which will last for many flocks.



The GLADIATOR has a unique feed savings lip design which catches feed as the turkeys eat, and then the dish funnels the feed back in front of the turkey. As your turkeys grow, they become more aggressive eaters, and as they eat, they fling their feed, which would normally fall to the ground and be wasted. Our feed savings lip catches that feed and funnels it back and presents it in front of the turkey.

  • The Snap on cap allows for very quick and easy installation. All you need to do is snap the cap onto the pan, and when you need to remove a pan from the line for maintenance, simply un-snap the cap and remove the pan. No more breaking lines. You can remove individual pans without the need to break lines.
  • The swinging and rotating features of the GLADIATOR allow this pan to move with the turkeys as they eat, providing the ideal eating conditions for your flock, and the best possible meat quality when it comes time to process your birds. As your birds eat, the pans move along with them to minimize any bruising to their chest.
  • The snap’n lock dish makes cleaning easy. When it’s time to clean the pan, simply unlock the dish, remove it from the pan body, and clean the pan. No tools needed.
  • A specially designed feed savings lip keeps feed in the pan and not the floor.
  • Adjusting the feed levels for your flock has never been this easy.
  • Our Twist and lock adjustment mechanism allows for precise and easy feed level adjustments.
  • Our patented use of the shocker wire in flooding keeps birds from perching on the feed tube, and because of the simple design, adjusting feed levels is as easy as a turn of a crank.


You won’t find any hard or sharp edges, which harm birds while they eat.

When we designed this pan, we engineered it to have smooth lines and large windows for your flock to have easy access to the feed in the pan. The more comfortable your flock is, they more they’ll enjoy eating. The more they enjoy eating, the bigger your birds will be, and the happier you’ll be at the end of the grow out period!

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