Glass House

The main frames built from double galvanized steel pipes with preferable thickness to guarantee the stability of the houses. The fixing beams consist of galvanized angles to fix the glass on the structure. Purlins that are made from galvanized steel tubes.


Special glass of  4 – 6 mm thickness with sheets measuring 61 cm width. The glass will be anchored by special clips and silicon. The glass on the roof will be anchored by means of Z overlap without surmounting.


Top windows with 2 m length and 60 cm width.

Side windows with 6 m length and 70 cm width.

These windows are made from galvanized tubes and can be operated manually or automatically


Rayyan glass greenhouses are used mainly for the purpose of scientific research and in precise experiments in universities and research centers specialized in agricultural engineering, as they are completely insulated from the external environment.

Rayyan glass greenhouse comes as a single or multispan, as required.

Rayyan glass greenhouse is fully equipped with heating and cooling systems, and has fully automatic control of the temperature inside the greenhouse to give ultimate protection against the environment.

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