Glass Liner Steel Silo


Most classic type silos – in concrete, galvanized steel or other materials – are eaten by acid produced by fermentation. Even linings made of epoxy resin, gunite or other materials will supply only temporary protection. The glass liner steel is, itself, acid proof. Its vitrified steel plates permanently adhere a coat of genuine glass in fusion on both surfaces. The resulting impermeable protection will easily resist to acid from fermentation and stress of weather. Even after years of use, a Harvestore tour will never need a new lining, neither on inside nor the outside.


The main characteristic of the glass liner steel system is its capacity to reduce, to a minimum, the contact between the air and the stored feed. Oxygen alters humid feed, causing both visible decomposition and invisible loss of nutritive quality. In classic type silos, we correct this by storing products that are higher in humidity, to take advantage of compaction; but this method has its inconveniences.

The leaking of juices from the production of less palatable feed, disfavors good a ingestion of dry matter by the animals.

In the glass liner steel tour, the pressure sacks limit decomposition by restraining the entrance of oxygen; the feed, stored at an average humidity level, gives food that is more tasty, thus favoring the ingestion of dry matter by the animals.

The whole grains are stored, between 22 and 28 percent humidity, which is their normal moisture level at harvest. In addition, storage at an average humidity level eliminates frost problems in winter.


The glass liner steel system is designed to permit loading and unloading year round. Loading of feed is done by the top and unloading is done by the bottom. This is a very important characteristic for food products; since it is always the product that has stayed inside the longest that is removed first.It is like if you had a continuously conditioning “mill” distributing, everyday, an equal quantity of appetizing fermented feed. A single glass liner steel tour therefore gives higher productivity than several different type storage units. Without forgetting that it greatly reduces human intervention. And the Ground Control device for loading lets you control the opening and closing of the roof door without climbing to the top of the tour.

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