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- Model S8 Super Series - Harvester


Three new models - S68/S78/S88 -  the first Class 8 transverse rotary platform in the world. All combines have the same goal – to dependably harvest crop with the least amount of loss, foreign material, fuel, field damage and interruptions as possible. Most combine designs are similar to each other and therefore have similar results. The Gleaner design is fundamentally different, delivering a level of harvesting performance that other combine makes are unable to achieve. We call it Optimum Harvesting Performance  - it gives you more and better results for every minute, litre, tonne and dollar the combine requires of you.

The S8 Series delivers the highest percentage of their rated horsepower to the separator among all combines.

Gleaner’s substantially lighter  and balanced weight distribution means minimal wasted horsepower, so more power is delivered where yo need it.

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