- Model GS BIS - Subsoiler Plower



Subsoiler PLOWER is designed for loosening soil without tipping it. Operating the machine results in better drainage and fertilization the top layer of soil. PLOWER is therefore applicable in the rehabilitation of pastures and fallow lands in the whole range of soils from light to heavy. 

The main advantages PLOWERA include: 

  • liquidation of the hardened layer beneath the surface of arable
  • drainage.

For basic equipment subsoiler include:

  • undercutting curved teeth with a chisel (exchangeable hoes)
  • dual mechanism for supporting the rubber wheels ensures a very stable machine operation and maintenance of accurate depth (4 wheels)
  • adjustable spacing of teeth
  • springs or mechanical protection of teeth

  As equipment Plower can be equipped with:

  • tubular roller of 500 mm or 600 mm
  • set of two rows of plates  with a diameter of 510 mm (plate toothed) with overload protection in the form of rubber shock absorbers.

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