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Glenvar Bale Direct Systems


The ‘Glenvar’ Bale Direct system has been developed and refined on the Shields’ property ‘Glenvar’ at Wongan Hills, Western Australia during the past 7 years. Herbicide resistant weed populations, encountered in the late 1980% began to have a major effect on the economics of cropping by 1990. Windrowing collected a high percentage of seeds but required a hot fire to destroy the weed seeds. Chaff carts were introduced and later replaced by a small baler towed behind a Caterpillar 480 harvester, which collected the weed seeds very effectively, within the bale. The following year a large baler was used to reduce the number of straw bales. In 2006, Primary Sales Australia began production of the Bale Direct system. Kit prices and details are available on request.

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