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- Model Twist 6 & 11 - 2 Wheel Tractors


he Goldoni Twist 6 & 11 features the new 'GEARSTOP' safety device to immobilise the drive without killing the engine. Along with the 180° bio-directional handlebar system, the quick-release implement change makes for a tractor unit with which you can tackle a wide range of tasks. The height of the handlebars can be set in as many as 9 positions. This means that the two-wheeled tractor can be used for any type of work. Moreover, since the handlebars can be regulated in 5 different positions at the sides, the operator is prevented from walking over the ground he has already worked.

Twist 6 Honda GX160 5 Hp petrol engine.

Twist 11 Honda GX270 8.6 Hp petrol engine.

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