Model GMR - Log Grabs



The Log Grabs series GMR are built with high quality materials (Steel: Domex 700 – studs: 39 NiCrMo3 – bronze bushing pins) granting high mechanical performances for elasticity, breakages endurance and yield strength. GMR range offers 10 models that can be combined with forestry cranes, front loaders, telescopic arms, excavators from 1,5 till 8 tons. …

The shapes both of the forks and of the body of these grabs allow a “clean” picking up and grant a good capacity to lift up the charge in a compact way so increasing the charge quantity with any kind of wood. The special relation between dimensions and bending of the forks allows obtaining a very small light with log grab closed without loosing in charge surface. All GMR models, with the exception of the GMR 1000, are also available without forks junction bottom parts (SP version): this characteristic makes them particularly suit when moving and collecting cut-off woods, branches and when charging wood chippers. These forks without junction bottom parts grant, in this kind of operations, higher accuracy and speed, allowing an efficient and regular lifting up and reducing, meanwhile, garbage lifting. The structure strength is granted by the high standard of the materials used and by special reinforces welded on the forks

An handy manure fork-kit (KLF) can be adjusted on models GMR 1100, 1300 and 1300XT so allowing in few minutes to turn a Log Grab into a tool useful to pick up manure or branches. On GMR Log Grabs both flange rotators (C 35 F – C 50 FS – C 65 F - …..) and stud rotators ( C 10 – C 30 – C 35 – C 50 – C 65/78 - …) can be applied. It is advisable, when working with excavators, to choose a flange rotator. Hydraulic hoses connecting the grab cylinder with the rotator can be supplied on demand.

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