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Goat & Sheep Bunk Feeder Conveyor


Feversham’s Bunk Feeder Conveyor gives you the efficiency that is so crucial to the successful farm. No need for an extra tractor. The variable speed motor is adjustable to suit your desired speed. This conveyor evenly delivers the feed and keeps your mixer stationary. Time to clean? Simply reverse the motor to convey the leftover feed outside the stable.

Placed in the middle of your stable, the Bunk Feeder Conveyor allows stock to feed from either side. Eliminating the need for alleys, the conveyor increases usable space, allowing for more stock. We offer an elevated walkway, enabling you to closely and easily inspect your stock while they feed. Available in powder coat, paint, or galvanized.

At Feversham Manufacturing, we have industrial and agricultural feed conveyors in stock and can supply custom conveyors for nearly any purpose.

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