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GOEBEL manufactures hopper cones that are second to none in strength and durability. GOEBEL has 2 types of cones to choose from with every hopper bin – Regular Profile and Low Profile. Both hopper cone designs are manufactured using the stronger uni-cone design based on parallel sheets not pie shaped segments.

GOEBEL Regular profile cones cone with the following features:

9′ to 18′ cones come standard with 18″ clearance under slide gate.
21′ to 24′ cones come standard with 24″ clearance under slide gate.
GOEBEL can custom design cones with any clearance.
Slide Gates
Lever style gate standard, can be upgraded to rack and pinion. Removable and can be mounted in 4 positions in quarter turn increments to make opening as convenient as possible. All slide gates come standard mounted on nylon rollers. No metal to metal contact to get stuck.
Drip Collar
Gate drip ring keeps moisture away from the gate to reduce spoilage.
22″ round manholes are standard on all GOEBEL hopper cones.

GOEBEL Low Profile cones come with the following features:

Reduces over all height of grain bin by 18″ to 24″.
Auger Boot
Built in auger boot eliminates need for auger hopper.
22″ round manholes are standard on all GOEBEL hopper cones.

The advantages of a low profile cones are,

  • reduces the overall height of a grain bin by 17″
  • no longer need to haul around an auger hopper
  • no mess under your grain bin

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