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Model GOLD GS/GC - Pneumatic Drills



The ACMA models pneumatic drills open new horizons for the sowing of cereals and fodder in general. The operation of a single general air-jet distributor allows for the uniform distribution of a large and small seeds both on level and sloping ground. The metal hopper, with a capacity of 750 litres, ensures long autonomy, it cam be rapidly and completely emptied thanks to a door at the bottom. The dispensing roller is able to capture even the smallest seeds until they are practically exhausted. Pneumatic seed drills ACMA model GOLD and GOLD PLUS are serving the most demanding farmers who want to optimize the processing time and have precision in seeding. The action of a single ait jet distributor allows to distribute in a uniform manner large and small seeds. The metal hopper with a capacity of 770 litres provides ample autonomy. This machines have frame with hydraulic closing for road transport, which opened at 2,50 metres reach 4 metres.

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