- Model Golia - Pneumatic Olive Harvester



The new harvester is called Golia and is the result of the latest researches made by Campagnola. Thanks to its peculiar movement, the rakes move sidewards, each on opposite side and crossing each other, widening the harvesting radius. The 'traditional' rakes are fitted with two kinds of teeth: the long ones are robust, very thin and alternately inclined, this way deeply penetrating the branches and harvesting by shaking, while the short ones reach the olives directly. They are made of a soft and ductile material, so they neither damage the olives, nor the trees. The maximum working pressure is 7 bar, but when adjusted at 4/5 bar, Golia keeps all its power, while becoming an excellent tool for table olive harvesting.

Technical data
• Working radius: 36 cm
• Rake opening: 14 cm
• Weight: 980 g
• Quick = 1600 beating movements per minute
• Powerful even at low working pressure (max working pressure: 7 bar)
• Fit for table olives (max working pressure: 4/5 bar)
• 20-cm-long teeth, made of technopolymere and interchangeable, with rounded shape and very flexible, perfect for any kind of olive-tree foliage

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