- Model 2500/18/PHN ECO - Trailed Sprayers



Tank of 2500 l capacity made of resin and fiberglass, clesed by tightly fitting lid with an air vent. Field boom of working width 18 m. Spreaded hydraulically dependently (both-sided), boom of spatial construction. Actuator for forced stabilization in the standard equipment. Control of the boom is carried out thanks to the levers mounted in the tractor cabin which are connected with a distributor mounted on the sprayer. Only one pair of hoses powering the hydraulic distributor. The boom divided into 5 sections, after hitting an obstacle it leans backwards and forwards protecting nozzles and nozzleholders from damage

  • Lightning installation
  • Single nozzleholders KRUKOWIAK with anti-drip valves placed on the acidproof tube every 50 cm
  • TeeJet TT 110-03 slotted nozzles
  • 6-section pump of Italian company COMET - BP 235 - assures proper efficiency and hexagonal structure of the heads and air chamber eliminate fluid pulsation
  • Italian ARAG valve with pressure compensation, where shutting off of one or few sections does not cause pressure drop (growth) on the other sections
  • Glyceric manometer with scale every 0,1 bar in the range 0 - 5 bar
  • ARAG upper mixer placed in the gate sieve under the lid
  • ARAG injector stirrer led directly from the pump, maintains the same level of working liquid concentration
  • Three levels of filtration outside the gate sieve: suction filter and self-cleaning filter at the control valve and filters in the nozzleholders. Cartridges of the suction and self-cleaning filters are made of stainless steel
  • Powder painting of the whole steel construction of the machine assures perfect protection against corrosion
  • Articulated drawbar allows for copying the tractor tracks on the headland
  • Articulated-telescopic shaft
  • Pneumatic braking system
  • Wheels 9.5 x 42”
  • Possibility of regulation of wheel spacing in the range


  • Electric control work/overflow
  • Electric control work/overflow and pressure regulation
  • Electric control of pressure and sections of the sprayer
  • Side-placed mixer of Italian POLMAC company
  • Specialist nozzles
  • Ejector
  • External washer of the sprayer
  • Main tank washer
  • Hydrant connection
  • Section filters (5 sections)
  • ARAG foam marker (+10 l of foam marker concentrate)
  • Monitor Bravo 120
  • DEVERIX 3200 (automatic correction of the boom position)
  • Pneumaticallyamortizedaxle
  • Night work lightning
  • Fendersi
  • Oil hydraulics electric control (instead of the levers controlling the boom)
  • ARAG Bravo 180 S computer (5 liquid sections)
  • ARAG Bravo 180 S computer (5 liquid sections) + hydraulics (boom control from the computer panel)
  • ARAG Bravo 300 S computer (5 liquid sections)
  • ARAG Bravo 300 S computer (5 liquid sections)  + hydraulics
  • ARAG Bravo 400 S computer + hydraulics (automatic shutting off of the liquid sections thanks to the generally accessible GPS signal)
  • ARAG Bravo 400 S Seletron computer + hydraulics (automatic shutting off of thenozzles thanks to the generally accessible GPS signal)
  • Pressure sensor for the computer
  • Sensor of oil level in the liquid pump that cooperates with ARAG Bravo 300S computer

  • Tank capacity (l) 2500
  • Tank type resin
  • System-washing tank yes
  • Hand-washing tank yes
  • Working width (m) 18
  • Boom stabilization hydraulically forced (stabilization actuator in standard)
  • Boom description controlled hydraulically dependently
  • (spreading and folding of both arms at the same time, hydraulic lifting)
  • Oil hydraulics control distributor controlled with the levers system mounted in the tractor cabin
  • Nozzleheads and nozzles single, slotted
  • Mixer Side-placed POLMAC
  • Pump Comet BP 235
  • Pump efficiency (l/min) 235
  • Liquid valve electric, 5 liquid sections, controlled from the tractor cabin
  • Hitch torsional (straight in option)
  • Wheels 9,5x42
  • Wheel spacing adjustable gradually depending on the tires size
  • Fenders option
  • Power demand (HP) 75
  • Braking system pneumatic
  • Lightning installation standard

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