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Model Gooseneck - Spreader


Spreader Manufacturer also called as Manure Spreader, Lime Spreader, Gypsum Spreader, Fertilizer Spreader, Disc Spreader, Clay Spreader, Sand Spreader. A simple, strong concept, the Norrish Spreader’s monitor and simplistic hydraulic drive, gives the operator total control of the spreader’s out put, rates from 10 kgs/ha to 100 ton per/ha are possible, with large variety of materials possible to be spread, Seed, Fertilizer, Manure, Compost, Sand, Lime, Gypsum and Clay. The monitor will attempt to deliver the required rate, what ever the ground speed, depending on what gate opening is selected. Large variety of attachments gives the Norrish Spreader multi usage, versatility, even for mixing cement, PTO spinners drive is standard on all tractor drawn models; hydraulic spinner drive is an option.

The Norrish Spreader spreads the material with twin 600mm spinner rotating between 750 and 950 RPM, with the Norrish designed spinner vanes gives aximum coverage of materials depending on density and particle size.

Model available
Tractor Drawn, Gooseneck Drawn and Truck mounted

Tractor Drawn or Goose Neck Bin Sizes
3 ton on new Super Singles
5 ton on new 14.9 x 24 tyre
8 ton on new 18.4 x 28 tyre
11.4 ton on new 23.5 x 32 tyre
14 ton on new 24.5 x 32 tyre

Standard Equipment
Hopper made of 3mm thick material
PTO Spinners (Drawn Models)
Computer Controlled
Rate per hectre changeable on the run
600mm Diameter twin Spinners
800mm wide conveyer belt
Ability to dump material while stationary (Dump in Shed)

Optional Equipment
Roll Tarp
Hopper Extensions
Lower mesh
Range of tyre combinations, up to 30.5 x 32 18ply
Clay attachment
Cement Mixer attachment
Chaser Bin attachment
Row Crop Conveyer attachment
Load Cells
Galvanized Hopper
Custom Fitting to Truck

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