- Model GP 300 M1 - Power Harrow



Grassland power harrow GP 300 M1 is an ideal machine for meadow maintenance, sowing and reseeding of grass.  Because of the unique combination of its 12 mm tines with 8 mm tines the turf is worked in the best way possible. Seeds placed in broadcast sowing. Working depth of tines is 0 to 4 cm. All components of the grassland power harrow can be separately adjusted. The roller can even be lifted completely off the ground.


  • Decimating of unwelcome weeds
  • Soil cultivation
  • Aeration
  • Soil stimulation
  • Optimal yield of new grass
  • Re-consolidating of soil


Working width
3 m

Transport dimensions (without PS) in m
L 2,45 x W 3,0 x H 1,3

Transport dimensions (with PS 500 M2) in m
L 2,45 x W 3,0 x H 2,3

Weight (Cambridge roller Ø 390 mm) (without PS)
1.230 kg

Weight (Cambridge roller Ø 530 mm) (without PS)
1.640 kg

Weight (Toothed ring roller Ø 410 mm) (without PS)
1.640 kg

Mounting category
CAT 2 (Mast height CAT 3)

Tractor performance
from 65 kW/90 HP

1 double-acting control device for roller adjustment necessary


  • Complete unit with two beds of tines and roller
  • Spring-borne levelling plates
  • Beds with cranked 12 mm tines (40 pcs.), cranked 8 mm tines (56 pcs.)
  • Heavy grassland-Cambridge roller (Ø 390 mm or Ø 530 mm) or toothed ring roller (Ø 410 mm)


The unit has a net weight of 1.230 kg resp. 1.640 kg. and a working range and transport width of 3 m. The tractor has to bring a performance of at least 65 kW (approx. 90 HP) and appropriate hoisting gear.

Working capacity: 2 to 2,5 ha per hour


  • Warning signs + lights GP 300 (approx. 5 kg)
  • Operating hour counter
  • Set of sensors - radar + tractor linkage upper
    bar sensor GP 300
  • Filling step for GP 300 M1 (approx. 45 kg)
  • Accessory kit toolbox
  • Accessory kit mounting of dispersion plates GP 300

Our grassland machines are also available fully equipped as so called „Full Edition“. This contains:

  • Cambridge or toothed ring roller
  • Warning signs + lights
  • Filling step
  • PS 300 M1 (electric fan) incl. control box 5.2
  • Set of sensors - radar + tractor linkage upper bar sensor

  • The grassland power harrow has spring-borne levelling plates to even out mole hills and other unevennesses.
  • Followed by two beds with cranked tines that are made in different strengths.
    This is a unique combination that has been proven to provide excellent results.
  • Every working tool can be used as a single unit (e.g. roller) on its own, or can be changed to any configuration as they are all compatible with one another for
    various applications depending on the nature of the job.

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