Inagra BVBA

- Model GR 80 / GR 120 - Grab for Bales


We developed a bale grabber strong enough to work with haylage bales but also perfectly suited for straw and hay bales. All grabbers have a separated left and right section with two hydraulic pistons. With a control valve it is possible to operate one section before the other. (to fit the last metre on the wagon or when picking up big bales). Every shaft rod is mounted in bearings and can be removed. Grapple dimensions are always customized. GR80: 8 bale / 4 rows of hooks. GR120: 12 bale / 6 rows of hooks.

  • There are 2 hydraulic cylinders, one for the hooks of the right half and one for the left .
  • The left half of the hooks starts only to close when the right half is fully closed
  • In this way it is possible to take 2 big bales
  • Our bale grabs are constructed with adapted coupling , e.g. Manitou - front loader of the tractor - lifttruck ect.

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