G.R. Gamberini SRL

Model GR100 - GR200 - GR400 - GR600 - Pneumatic Dusters



Steel tubular frame and moulded sheet protected by glazing at 180ºC (GR100 and GR200 available also with stainless steel box and heat galvanised tubular frame), transmission with rpm multiplier in oil bath, high air capacity steel turbine, independent closing fans, adjustable lead nut with high and down output. Powder is dosed with intake air / powder mixing system, with constant product spraying from beginning to end of treatment. Interchangeable heads: with fans for vertical trellis and arbour training systems, in aluminium for arbour training systems [photo], in one sided aluminium for open air treatments. Available kit to convert GR100 and GR200 from mounted to trailed, whereas GR400 and GR600 are already trailed.

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