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By producing a vacuum at the turbine discharge, condensers increase the overall cycle efficiency. Graham has more than 70 years of design and fabrication experience in the steam surface condenser field. Our knowledge allows for an expedient, accurate design and fabrication process. Using design methodologies and practices that have been honed over time, we work closely with our customers to evaluate options that best meet each project’s objectives.

Graham Steam Surface Condensers range from small packaged units used in the HVAC industry to large cylindrical condensers used for mechanical drive applications in power plants, refineries, or chemical processing plants. Circular shells to approximately 12 feet in diameter can be supplied to suit a variety of requirements. Due to shipping restrictions and costs, larger applications are provided in modular rectangular designs where the tube bundles and dome sections are joined at the jobsite.

Because of our considerable experience in condenser manufacturing, our ability to work with exotic materials as well as turbines with different exhaust configurations (down, top, axial), Graham can closely work with customers to evaluate options that best meet the specific requirements of any project.

Graham completes all phases of work from inquiry bid through detail design, fabrication, and preparation for shipment of Steam Surface Condensers at our one facility. This approach helps ensure the highest degree of quality and efficiency.

Graham offers fully-optioned steam surface condenser packages to meet job specific requirements. Packaging creates a high quality product that minimizes installation effort and meets project-specific requirements.

Our Steam Jet Ejector and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump air removal packages can be supplied with the Steam Surface Condenser as a complete system. Graham also manufactures the Graham Viking Atmospheric Relief Valve that provides an automatically resetting over-pressure protection for the steam side of the Steam Surface Condenser and turbine.

Advantages of Graham Surface Condensers

  • Over 70 years design and fabrication experience
  • Single source of supply
  • In-house finite element analysis and solid modeling
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Multiple options in materials and configurations
  • Fully-optioned packages
  • Complete range of accessory equipment
  • Compliant with engineering standards and design codes
  • Chinese Quality Safety License
  • Field supervision and service

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