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The Grain Brain is a fully automatic weighing system, purpose designed for continuous flow auger weighing. This easy weight management system allows the user to easily monitor yield weights and truck loads. Each system is custom built to fit individual augers, ensuring ease and speed of installation and use, while providing an accurate weighing system for a wide range of different crops.

  • Simple to install and operate
  • Plus/minus 2% accuracy guaranteed
  • Purpose designed for individual augers
  • Accurate weighing for a wide range of crops, including wheat, barley, oats, rape, peas, beans and linseed
  • Fits over 100 different types of combine harvester without reduced rate of discharge
  • RPM indication on the display ensures better consistency
  • Weight of crop displayed on a digital indicator as it is being harvested

The crop passes through the Grain Brain flowing over a weighing plate. An electronic load cell is mounted behind this plate, measuring the true weight of the crop. This weight is simultaneously displayed on the digital indicator in the cab.

To use the Grain Brain the operator simply has to switch the weigher on at the start of the day’s harvesting. The weight of every batch of grain is shown on the indicator at the same time as it is being loaded, allowing the operator to stop the load when required if necessary. The operator then knows at a glance the precise amount of grain being harvested.

Crops can be weighed in batches, which are automatically recorded in the indicator with the crop name, time and date of weighing. At the end of the day the total cumulative weight may be saved and cleared, ready to start harvesting another crop or field. The total weight of the crop may be viewed at any time on the digital display.

If a printer is attached, a ticket can be printed for any batch or total weight, showing the time and date of weighing, ticket number and weight.

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