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Grain Cart



Proven Tension Control incorporates extension springs along with beveled pulleys on both ends of the roll tube apply constant and uniform pressure.A swivel crank allows for easy rolling of the tarp fabric. This swivel crank incorporates snap in style crank handle holders that are used to lock the crank in the open and closed positions.A center rod sewn into the tarp fabric is accompanied by a strap on either side to keep the fabric supported at all times.Increased Capacity with the use of rounded hoods/ end-caps.Hoods/ endcaps are available in painted steel (white or black) or Aluminum.Trussed hoops/ cross-members for added strength on 13' or wider carts.Bolt on style tarp stops (right) are standard with all grain cart systems. Optional Flip Release tarp stops with a 3' or 6' offset are available.

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