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Rollers provide a smooth and level surface for improved seed-to-soil contact, better weed control, and reduced moisture loss. Germination of canola, forages and other small seeds is significantly improved. The firm smooth fields guarantee faster, easier harvesting for short crops like chickpeas, peas, lentils and soybeans. Because the land roller presses the rocks into the ground, it speeds up harvest—you can run closer to the ground and reduce yield losses from missed pods lowto the ground, without sickle section breakage or damaging combine guts. With no surface trash, there is little chance of plugging your header at harvest. With no rock worries, field speeds can be increased—get more crop in the bin ahead of the weather.

Hay Crops

Rolling hay fields soft conditions will smooth out clumps allowing higher field speeds. Rollers punch small rocks into the sod, letting hay cutter bars to get closer to the base of plants. This maximizes yields and reduces cutter bar dam-age. Hay growers also see less damage to cutter bars, crimping rolls and baler knives.

Other Users

  • Rolling corn trash before planting breaks down root balls and firms the soil around trash. Stalks do less planter plugging and breakdown quicker with good soil contact.
  • Packing with the roller after seeding firms the seedbed for uniform emergence. Any surface trash is flattened so combines don't pick up dirt at harvest and downgrade the sample.
  • On longer term zero tillage fields, rollers can eliminate the majority of bumps in the field for easier farming.


Smooth rolled fields simplify spraying operation. The smoother ride gives more uniform chemical application, as well as enabling higher field speeds.

  • No other Land Rollers can:
  • Level animal mounds in CRP & seed direct without working the ground
  • Level animal mounds & smash down stones in one pass over hay fields
  • Add seed when leveling pastures and hay fields
  • Seed and firm new stands of forage in one combined pass
  • Cut, Spread and Level animal mounds in hay fields, pasture and CRP land
  • Level and Seed at the same time
  • Blades available in widths of 11 to 52ft
  • Blades are “Hard Faced”  to keep a sharp cutting edge year after year
  • Blade rolls on adjustable gauge wheels for consistent leveling
  • Blade hydraulically lifts to dump stones and roll bean and pea fields
  • Our ideal blade and Land Roller combination  doesn’t leave stones and sod lumps on the surface
  • Seed and Roll at The Same Time:
  • Seed cover crops to prevent soil erosion and increase water penetration into soil
  • Seed and firm new stands of forage in one combined pass
  • High capacity grass seeder, 52ft wide will seed 40 plus acres per hour at 10 mph
  • Lower cost per foot than traditional seeding systems

Built like you expect from AG SHIELD!

  • 1,3,5 Section 11 to 70ft Widths
  • Industry exclusive full length diagonal pull arm eliminates most frame stress
  • 4-way floating heavy duty knuckles with 1 3/4' pins let sections float evenly on rolling ground
  • Floating hitch improves ground following and reduces stresses on frame - less pounding on drawbar
  • Bolt on cover crop killing option can be removed for standard rolling
  • Highway rated wheels and tires permit fast transport - ideal for shared or rental units
  • Tough latches with replaceable rollers permit higher field speeds
  • Heavy duty # 213 ductile bearings (larger than most) with 2.5 inch replaceable shafts keep you rolling
  • All transport safety locks are self stowing in field position - always there when you're ready to move
  • Standard reflectors and optional lights for safer transport day or night
  • Optional acre counter includes a steel protective shroud
  • Water tight drums to add extra weight are available on special order from the factory

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