Mobile Continuous Grain Driers



The UK’s best selling continuous grain drier, now radically re-engineered gives you these unique benefits

Highly Efficient, Uniquely Versatile

Improved Fuel Consumption - thanks to air re-circulation

  • Warm dry exhaust air is re-circulated to hot fans, improving fuel consumption by up to 15%.
  • Fuel flow/totalising meters are available to record drying costs.

Insulation & external cladding options

  • Shielding walls for sound absorption.
  • Noise reduction by 80%
  • Protects drier.
  • Integrates with surroundings.
  • Helps with planning.
  • Insulation can save up to 100%.
  • External recycling of warm air.

High Air Volume - unbeatable for drying malting barley etc

  • Drying principle involves very high airflow rather than heat.
  • This system out performs all other driers.
  • In warm dry weather 2% moisture can be extracted without the use of any heat at all.
  • Low Fire Risk - very accessible
  • Mechanical conveying ensures that straw/chaff cannot become trapped.
  • Good accessibility to all compartments for periodic checking.

Mechanical Flow - processes crop in any condition

  • Very wet and dirty crop can be handled without difficulty.
  • Avoids the need for a pre-cleaner or aspirator.
  • Cleaning is part of the drier’s standard process -no energy is involved as chaff exits with exhausted air.

Uniquely Versatile - perfect results on every crop

  • Any crop, any condition can be dried.
  • No other drier can match this versatility.
  • Future proof - copes with changing agricultural trends.

Unbeatable performance - Even at low temperatures (malt, seed etc.) thanks to boosted air flow.

  • Precise and consistent drying - Mechanical flow avoids streaming + full inversion of bed.
  • Uniquely versatile - Handles any granular crop in any condition - no need for pre-cleaning.
  • Highly fuel efficient - Total recovery of waste heat Insulation options to retain heat in plenums.
  • Minimal environmental impact - Low profile, low noise, dust controlled.
  • Low installation cost - Pre-erected, pre-wired and pre-plumbed.
  • Dependability - Backed by two year warranty and nationwide support.
  • Built to last - Proven longevity enhanced by new anti corrosion finish.
  • Quieter - Silencers and cladding options to reduce noise.
  • No downtime between crops - Instant, electronically controlled, follow-on without emptying/refilling/cleaning. Step-less auto speed control - instant response for optimum accuracy.

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