Mysilo Grain Storage System

Mysilo Grain Storage System

Grain Dryer Machine



Cereals (maize,wheat,sunflowers) are the essential agricultural product that used by food and feed industry. Drying is a process of removing humidity from these product to necessary level for proper storage. The purpose of drying process is protection of product from fungi and mould and providing possibility of storage for a longer time. Under proper conditions this process could be made with cold air or it could be made with the warmed air more quickly and independently from ambient conditions. Heating up of air taking place by combustion of different kind of fuel in blowers ,while fans provide transfer of the air from products.

  • Harvest time will be independent from weather conditions.
  • Higher product quality
  • Provide decrease in loss of products.
  • Provide protection from infestation of products from fungi and mould
  • Provide longer storage time.
  • - Mysilo - Neco is a drying machine of mixed flow drying type machine group. The product flows through channels with warmed air. Product is discharged on the top of drying machine and it could be distributed by an auger according to loading type
  • - Centrifugal fans are quiet and provide high quantity of air into the dryer. Blower with high performance provides higher transfer of humidity by heating up air.
  • Advantages of Mysilo - Neco grain dryer ;
  • Provides a homogen drying process by means of its advanced design.
  • Non-porous design of machine affords use for all products without constant cleaning
  • Humidity control system provides automatic control of initial moisture.
  • It submits moduler design,  easy installtion and enlargte capacity.
  • Centrifugal fan is a noiseless and has high perfomance.
  • Flexible function provides operate each tiers (blower and fan) with different temperatures and also provide an independent switch off and switch on operation for each tiers.
  • An easy graphic control is provided by PLC control system.
  • Function of Mysilo-Neco grain dryer:
  • Product unloads on top of dryer by a loading auger. İnstead of an auger an inlet spout can be used to provide free flow.
  • A centrifugal provides high quantity of air noiselessly and with high productivity into the dryer.
  • Highly productive a Maxon mark blower by heating air and decreasing relative humidity provides higher transfer of humidity. Modular control provides a stable drying temperature by regulating gas flow
  • Adjustable router could circulate some quantity of air around of the blower to provide possibility of cooling in the dryer. By means of this feature a complete heating could be converted quickly and easily..
  • İnlet channels open up into to the hot air section to provide passage of warm air. Bottom part of these channels is open to provide passage of the warm air into the product. Because of their design these channels encircle product but despite of this they prevent to an outflow of product to outside
  • Outlet channels designed with accurate distance to provide air flow through product. These channels are similar to inlet channels except they have an open bottom and external part to provide a way out from the dryer for moist air.
  • A humidity sensor placed on column to measure humidity of product while product flows into the dryer. This sensor measures real humidity of product while product flows into the dryer. Speed of unloading from the dryer could be regulated it could be faster or slower it will be depend on how much more dry or more moist product will be from desired humidity level
  • Rotation of four pieces of regulation wheel s group is provided by a motor of direct flow 90 volt to regulate flow in dryer. Speed of this wheel regulated automatically by a humidity sensor.
  • An Unloading auger gathers the product that come from the regulation wheel and conveys it to back of dryer. Diagonal auger that on the back part of dryer gathers product that came from two augers and unloads them to transfer for storage.

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