Grain Roller Mill


New Concept Roller Mills allow you to achieve greater daily gains through more palatable, nutritious and efficient feed for your livestock. With our smooth and even grain distribution across our unique diagonal grooved Rollers you will get no bridging of grains, greater production capacity and less flouring. The results are higher quality feed values, and more nutrient digestible feed rations with lower operating costs.


  • Auger assisted cross feeding
  • Roller Spring release for rock protection & Tension Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Bearings, Roll Shafts and drive components
  • Hydraulic drive augers. NO GEAR BOXES
  • Quick and Easy Roll removal
  • Strong magnets to protect the Rollers

  • Loading Augers
  • Unloading Augers
  • Double Motor and engine drive models
  • Differential roll Drive
  • Re-Furbish Mix mill mounting
  • Heat treated hardened Rollers
  • Permanent automated processing Plant

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