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Grain/Seed Cleaning Equipment

Our grain cleaning equipment is an innovative answer to the changing needs of the grain industry. Nufab grain cleaners are unique in their design and operation due to a number of patented design innovations which have been applied to the equipment, making them quick and efficient at cleaning and grading a variety of seeds.

Unique features of our grain cleaners include:

  • A unique lid design that allows safe and easy access to the inside of the machine facilitating positive health and safety practices in your business.
  • Variable pitch agitation paddles in the rotation screen mean that the flow rate and aggressiveness of screening can be varied. Giving you the ability to adjust the grain cleaner to your specific needs.
  • An aspirator is fitted which separates by weight. This unique grain cleaning equipment uses the natural process of grain separation which removes the light material away from heavier grains, increasing the units overall effectiveness and effeciency.
  • Available as a 4 : 6 : 12 or 24 screen Model.   Capacities up to 200 tonne per hour.

Our seed cleaner equipment may be your solution to your grain cleaning problems.

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