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Grain silos are the ideal solution to the harvest, the result of the work of a whole year, to ensure safe storage. Through the internal storage, it is possible to wait for the optimal timing and marketing to achieve the best sales prices. It is more important that the quality of the grain remains. For this, the Bintec grain silos form a secure base to easily and safely stored over a long period your crop.

The silos of Bintec are designed so that maximum feed and food hygiene is guaranteed. They are constructed out of reach of rodents and birds. The mounted on the roof ventilation hoods are barred, the air outlet from the silo roof and wall at the eaves is tightly fitted with the bird Bird Stop system. By extraflat curl silo walls of 101/11 mm is optimal cleanliness in the silo guarantees minimizing the likelihood of moisture development and prevent beetle infestation.
Stable external supports and roof rings ensure optimum stability of the silo body in full and when empty. All occurring forces are optimally absorbed. All silos have a testable or tested statics according to DIN standards. For the foundation of each silo is a Musterfundament- with reinforcement plan. Thus, from the beginning of a solid base and provided a safe stand of the silos. And for decades.
The Bintec silos are manufactured by Westeel in Canada to ISO 9001, whereby a high product and manufacturing quality is guaranteed. All dry bulk truck components are fully galvanized, the wall panels are computer-controlled precision bent on the respective Silorundung, all screw holes are attached per Siloplatte in a single stamping operation. This ensures a high accuracy of fit of the parts is guaranteed and reduces Silomontagezeit to a minimum.

For safe and easy access are all Bintec silo a large, lockable entrance door of 0.8 x 1.2 m, and a maintenance hatch on the roof. On the inner wall allows a ladder to enter into the full or partially filled silo. A lockable ladder outside of the silo provides access to the roof, a climb with balustrade leads to filling dome. Thus, the fast and secure access to all relevant bodies is ensured at the silo for beneficiaries. The skylight in the filling dome can easily be opened and closed from the ground. The level of the silo can be checked when filling a water level indicator from the ground.

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