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Grain Storage Bags


With an exclusive production line for 12m three-layered polyethylene film manufacture, “Planeta Plastic” makes polymeric grain storage sleeves (bags) according to the highest global standards. The technology involves storage of grain in sealed polymeric sleeves.


Polymeric sleeves by “Planeta Plastic” have three layers – two white layers and an extruded black layer. The upper sleeve layer is white allowing thereby to achieve the maximum reflection of sunlight and thus heat radiation. The film contains UV additives, which prevent from the exposure of stored products to this ray spectrum. Sleeves by “Planeta Plastic” are made of polyethylene composition by blowing, and have a diameter of 2.7 m. Sleeves 60 m long are the most popular ones. The length of sleeves can be changed at the customer’s discretion, e.g. bags 40 or 75 m long. In this case, the bag price depends on its length.

Bags made of 0.24 mm thick polyethylene ensure long-term storage of grain. In a sealed environment of the bag, the level of carbon dioxide increases rapidly, and the oxygen level decreases to a minimum level. That is, the grain storage in bags results in a zero risk of fungi and grain pests. When sealed in bags, storage conditions for high-quality grain and products with normal humidity are almost perfect: during the first two weeks, insects, pests and fungi, trapped in grain storage bags, become inactive as there are no conditions for the growth of populations of harmful organisms.


The optimal humidity ranges from 12% to 14%. Grain storage in bags creates anaerobic conditions, in which the bacterial activity decreases. Thus, anaerobic conditions allow to preserve the quality of grain. As shown by bacteriological, mycological, biological and toxicological tests, all grain parameters are preserved within the normal range after long-term storage, the grain is non-toxic and complies with accepted standards. Advantages of the technology of grain storage in sleeves made of polymeric materials and grain storage in bags:

  • Investment. Practical system of grain and ensilage storage with small investments. The investments required are the purchase of affordable equipment and the site for placing sleeves with the grain. There is no need to build stationary grain storages;
  • Technological. Allows to avoid forced stops while harvesting, which are often due to lack of free space at thrashing floors. Storage of dry grain or grain with increased moisture content. There is no need to transport grain to the elevator, as well as no other vehicles and agricultural machinery are required. Sorted grain storage;
  • Financial. No costs for grain storage in elevators (15-35% of the grain cost). Reduction in transportation costs. No depersonalization and underestimation of the grain quality by elevators (price loss). Grain of higher quality at the output (price gain) due to post-harvest ripening in the sleeves. Possibility to pledge bagged grain as collateral to banks or surveyors.

This technology has been in existence worldwide for decades and now is actively developed in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. Until now, all the necessary equipment and materials (polyethylene sleeves) were imported to Ukraine from abroad.

LLC “Planeta Plastic” is the first local manufacturer of polimer bags. Production capacities of LLC “Planeta Plastic” can completely serve the needs of farmers in this type of products.

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