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Grain Storage /Drying


Tripp Batt's unrivalled experience and expertise in grain storage and drying means that our team can design any installation to meet your exact requirements. Crops vary, demands change and new issues arise. Tripp Batt designs systems that respond to change. From silos to complete buildings and  everything between, we will help you make an informed decision and provide the ongoing services to ensure complete satisfaction. For you, this means maximum flexibility and optimum cost in use, allowing you to update and expand when the need arises. For us, it means another satisfied customer.

Products and services include:
Silos and hoppers; continuous flow dryers, ventilated drive-on floors, ventilation fans and air ducts; heaters, buildings, barriers, doorways and partitions; conveyors, elevators and stirrers; intake pits; cleaners, etc.

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