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Grain-Watch Online system

The Grain-Watch Online system enables you to monitor the grain temperature in your storage facility, adjust alarm and warning levels or control the ventilation in real-time from any Internet access in the world. Our online monitoring system saves you the time and costs of having to drive out to your storage facility. With the Grain-Watch Online system, you can monitor and control your or your customer's grain storage facility in real-time from your PC, laptop computer or even your smartphone. For added security, your data is stored on two servers in geographically separated locales. Your data is password protected against unauthorized access. The Grain-Watch Online system is not limited to just monitor grain temperature or to make adjustments to the alarms or ventilation. The level sensors in your fuel tanks, anti-theft systems in your vehicles, burglar-alarms and many other systems can be incorporated into the Grain-Watch Online system. The possibilities are nearly endless!

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