BPS also developed Gramisan, a natural animal growth enhancer based on lactic acid. Lactic acid is proven to improve the feed hygiene, facilitate feed digestion, increase the average weight gain, and reduce animal mortality. It is recommended to reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics in animal feed systems.

The authors of a scientific study on the efficiency of lactic acid in the rearing of piglets summarize their results as follows:

“Additions of 0%, 0,8%, 1,6% and 2,4% lactic acid were used. Lactic acid improved the daily weight gain up to 8,1%, the feed intake up to 6,1% and the feed conversion rate significantly up to 1,8%. The nutritive effects were stronger in the second feeding period with significant improvement of the daily weight gain of 9,0%, 11,1% and 10,5% in the supplemented groups. In this period feed conversion rate was significantly improved by 4,1% with the additions 1,6% and 2,4% lactic acid compared to the control group. As the most effective dosage 1,6% lactic acid were derived.”

Gramisan also contains valuable amino acids (including lysine, methionine, cystine) and minerals. The value of Gramisan relies on its nutritive effect as well as on its acidification effect.

Gramisan Is still in development and not commercially available yet.

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