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- Model KK 20 AHY - Grain Cooling Units


Grain cooling equipment operates with environmentally friendly CFC- and HCFC-free refrigerants. Can be used in all ambient conditions (rain, fog, heat, cold) – The right humidity settings each time with the HYGROMAT™ Automatic. Runs quietly thanks to soundproofed fan and compressor. Range of operating modes available with microprocessor controller: Quiet, ventilation mode, normal mode. All operating modes can be set manually or pre-timed fully automatically. Energy-efficient models with frequency control. Easy to clean with large, efficient filter. Integrated filter monitor. Robust industrial models. Pressure display.

Standard BMEP models – Ideal for tower silos.HYGROTHERM™ heater register available as a standard feature. Quality inspection with trial run at factory. Winter and summer thermostat to save energy. Electrical heater for use in cooler ambient conditions. View window in air cooler. Inspection opening in air duct. Anti-corrosion protection with coated heat exchanger.Large TÜV-tested refrigerant collector. Speed-controlled condensed water fans for trouble-free start-up in cool outside temperatures. tainless steel drip tray. Refrigerants suitable for high outside temperatures. Optional chassis with pneumatic tyres or castors. Optional forklift slots for safe transport with forklift. Phase-sequence gauge. With nearly 50 years of experience in grain cooling, GRANIFRIGOR™ has achieved a strong position as market leader thanks to quality 'Made in Germany'.

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