Pulcinelli G. Battista & C. S.n.c.

Grape Harvester Orvirotor


The harvest is done thanks to the action of a roating units made by rods that oscillate with a frequency variable between 0 and 700 cycles per minute. One lever permits to change the advancement speed according to the requirements of the work. The vibrating unit’s regulating jacks allow the operator to immediately adjust the machine’s performance to the varying conditions of the ground and to the heights of the vineyard. The height of the awner frame is hydraulically regulated by two indipendent jacks. The frame can be tilted sideways.

The awner’s height varies between 1.6 mt. and 2.20 mt. thanks to a quick control operated by the driver. The adjustable suction system eliminates leaves and other extraneous objects. Special devices allow a complete and selective grape harvest. The side brushes in fact allow the total recovery of the product. Thanks to an adjustable-speed conveyor belt, the harvested product is quickly collected in the container that follows the grape-harvester.


Lever for:

  • hydrostatic advancement.
  • speed range selection.
  • hand brake.
  • conveyor belt control and speed regulator.
  • vibrators control and speed regulator.
  • aspirator control and speed regulator.
  • right side jack control.
  • left side jack control.
  • Brake pedal.

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