- Model ATN 12.0 - Tobacco Harvesting Machine


'Kentucky' type black tobacco support arm, equipped with a standard platform for the tractor attachment, with the corresponding tie rods for 5-point locking.

The arm can be rotated 90 ° in rest position on the support mounted laterally on the machine and can also be folded up to 160 ° to allow for public road transfers without any difficulty.

The arm, can be manufactured at various lengths according to the requirements of the Client: 9,50 mt., 10.50 mt. and 12,50 mt. , Depending also on the type of tractor on which it will be installed.

The harvesting machine is also suitable for the application of flexible hoses necessary to oil the plant during tobacco topping and is also equipped with a system that conveys the 2-leaf tobacco on the bar, that can be both manual and automatic.


Lever for:

  • hydrostatic advancement.
  • speed range selection.
  • hand brake.
  • conveyor belt control and speed regulator.
  • vibrators control and speed regulator.
  • aspirator control and speed regulator.
  • right side jack control.
  • left side jack control.
  • Brake pedal.

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